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Everything About The Right 100% Brazilian Butt Lift In Turkey

brazilian butt lift


Brazilian Butt Lift In Turkey- Full Details:

A skilled cosmetic surgeon can do a Brazilian Butt Lift using specialized fat transfer techniques to provide a larger, rounder buttock contour. Thus, you will have an attractive, well-proportioned buttocks in the right shape and proportion.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a specialist fat transfer procedure that enhances the size and shape of the buttocks without the use of implants. While liposuction is used to remove extra fat from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs; some of this fat is then carefully injected into the buttocks.

With a Brazilian Butt Lift, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can enlarge the buttocks, enhance the lower body’s proportions, and help a patient lose fat in usual “problem regions.”

Despite the rising number of fatalities associated with the treatment, the BBL is the cosmetic surgery with the fastest global growth. What is fueling its startling ascent?

A well-known cosmetic procedure called a Brazilian Butt Lift involves moving fat around to give your bottom more volume.

Learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift technique and how to locate a reliable provider if you’ve heard of it and are interested in more long-lasting benefits than exercise alone can deliver.

BBLs, or Brazilian Butt Lifts, are among the most widely used plastic surgery procedures in Turkey, therefore it’s crucial that you are well informed of the dangers and advantages involved. In addition to conventional liposuction or ultrasonic liposuction, the BBL is a sophisticated procedure that transfers the patient’s own fat from other parts of the body into the buttocks. There is no risk of rejection because the additional fat tissue is not foreign, but fat cells that are moved from one part of the body to another will have a survival rate of roughly 70%.

To put it another way, some of the fat injected will be naturally reabsorbed by your body, so you won’t be able to see the full impact of your buttock enlargement until a few weeks have passed and the swelling has subsided.


The Brazilian Butt Lift can be combined with other surgeries like breast augmentation, liposculpture, or a stomach tuck to reshape the entire body, just like other cosmetic treatments.

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure that improves the look of your buttocks while simultaneously reducing the size of other parts of your body (liposuction).

A Brazilian butt lift, despite its name, is not a popular “lift” procedure like a facelift or breast lift. The Brazilian Butt Lift enhances the contour and volume of your butt, but it does nothing to address sagging or extra skin. Consult your doctor about a butt lift if you have loose or extra skin. Brazilian Butt Lifts are carried out by doctors referred to as plastic surgeons. Other names for the surgery include “safe subcutaneous buttock augmentation (SSBA)” and “buttock augmentation with fat grafting.”


How Does BBL In Turkey Work??

A BBL begins with liposuction, in which a surgeon removes fat from certain body parts before processing and injecting it again into the buttocks and hips. Before surgery, the planned locations for liposuction and the contour for planned fat grafting are established. Actually, fat is typically removed from the lower back or the belly. Under anesthesia, the patient is placed face down on the operating room table, and the targeted areas are liposuctioned. The recovered fat is then collected in a specialized system that separates live fat cells from liposuction fluid.

The designated parts of the butt are then filled with that fat. Depending on the patient’s desired body shape, surgeons may occasionally graft fat into the thighs or hips. A few very small incisions are needed, and they must be sutured closed at the conclusion of the surgery.

The Outcomes?

a derrière that appears fuller, rounder, and perkier. According to Lin, “the popularity of the procedure may be due to the bodily alteration achieved by the BBL,” and “many are open about their surgeries as well.” The procedure’s increasing popularity may also be attributed to its widespread visibility on social media and in popular culture.

Genetics play a big role in determining the size, shape, and proportion of a person’s buttocks. Your skeletal structure and the way your body stores fat also have an impact on how the lower body looks. The muscles can be toned and a healthy body weight can be attained with a good diet and exercise, but despite leading a healthy lifestyle, many patients are nevertheless dissatisfied with their “flat” and shapeless buttocks.

A Brazilian Butt Lift can be used to:

  • Improve the shape of your lower body;
  • Reduce the amount of fat in your tummy, thighs, and hips while enhancing the fullness of your buttocks;
  • Make clothing more attractively fitted;
  • Enhance the balance between your upper and lower body to improve your overall proportions;
  • Give your flat buttocks a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing form.


Several Benefits Of Brazilian Butt Lift In Turkey:

Brazilian Butt Lifts are marketed as offering more natural-looking outcomes than other buttock procedures, such as placing silicone buttock implants, while also enhancing the roundness of your behind.

Additionally, it can help with addressing particular issues like the occasional drooping and shapelessness that accompany with aging. If you’re disturbed by figure imbalances that make it difficult to dress comfortably, you might also give the surgery some thought.

The advantage of having a lower risk of infection than silicone buttock implants is another benefit of Brazilian Butt Lifts. It does have a higher safety rating than other materials, such silicone caulking and sealants, which are occasionally unlawfully injected into the buttocks by those who are unqualified to carry out the surgery.

The following are some psychological and cosmetic advantages of a Buttock Lift:

  • Upper thigh region and buttocks are firmer and slimmer.
  • More sculpted upper thigh and buttock regions.
  • Redefined body contour and lower body figure.
  • Elastic buttock skin tightened.
  • Diminish the appearance of a “saggy” bottom.
  • ability to don swimwear or clothing with a closer fit.
  • Increased emotional wellness.

candidate for bbl

Could I Be An Ideal Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift In Turkey??

A Brazilian Butt Lift can enhance the shape and size of the buttocks, but some individuals are better candidates than others, and it’s important to have realistic expectations for the treatment, recuperation, and results. In general, if you concur with the following, you might be an excellent candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift:

  • The skin tone on your hips and buttocks is great,
  • You want to enhance your buttocks without utilizing implants,
  • You have enough fat reserves elsewhere to remove and inject into your buttocks.
  • You are prepared and able to refrain from doing so for several weeks.


Sculptra Butt Lift, Silicone Implants, & Liposuction Vs. The Brazilian Butt Lift:

Although butt augmentations are becoming more popular, there are other options besides the Brazilian Butt Lift. Think about going over these possibilities with your provider:

  • Butt Lift with Sculptra: Dermal fillers like Sculptra are used to restore volume to the skin that has naturally diminished with aging. The filler is most frequently used to treat face wrinkles, but for optimum volume, it may also be combined with a Brazilian butt lift.
  • Silicone Implants for the Butt: Silicone implants are inserted into your buttocks during this process. Even though the Brazilian butt lift and this surgery are occasionally combined, the former is far more intrusive. Since silicone implants are prone to displacement over time, you’ll probably need to have the procedure repeated at some point.
  • Liposuction: Sometimes a surgeon would advise removing extra fat deposits from the gluteal region in order to increase roundness. Only fat removal is the main goal of this treatment; fat transfer, as in a Brazilian butt lift, is not.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure enhances buttock size without the use of implants, which is a significant benefit. When performed by a cosmetic surgeon with specific training and operating in an accredited facility, the procedure has a low risk of complications and can result in amazingly natural-looking and feeling outcomes.

However, if you are really skinny, you might not have enough fat to harvest, and you might have to undergo buttock implants as your sole alternative to achieve the needed size increase. The added risks of having implants, such as capsular contracture and a higher risk of infection, must be understood, though. For certain patients, buttock implants might be a good alternative. Compared to a professionally executed Brazilian Butt Lift, buttock implants might also appear and feel less natural.


How Long Does BBL Last??

Expectations must be controlled: Only a sliver of the effects are permanent. Only up to 80% of the grafted fat survives, according to Shafer and Devgan, thus many patients may need to have their procedures changed in the future. According to Shafer, “in the majority of cases, 70 to 80 percent of the transplanted fat survives, but part of it absorbs.”

According to Garfein, “The percentage of the injected fat that engrafts determines how long a BBL lasts.” “The patient will have an additional liter of fat in her buttocks if all of the injected fat survives. She will have 500 cc if 50% of it survives.”

Additionally, such fat cells behave similarly to other cells in the body: “The patient should always have those cells once the fat engrafts. Those remaining cells will grow larger and store more fat if she puts on weight. Those fat cells that are still alive will get smaller and shrink as she loses weight “Garfein explains.


What Occurs Before To The Brazilian Butt Lift Operation??

The minimum age to receive a Brazilian Butt Lift is 18. Your body is special, though, so you might not reach full puberty until you’re older than 18. The outcomes of your Brazilian Butt Lift operation can be impacted if you haven’t fully developed. Any queries or worries you may have can be discussed with your healthcare professional.

Your mental health and any social situations are only two of the numerous things your healthcare physician will evaluate. You might be questioned about the following by your healthcare provider:

  • Why are you interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift?
  • What do you anticipate?
  • Do you frequently consider actual or minuscule physical flaws?
  • Do your lover, spouse, or friends push you to get a Brazilian Butt Lift?
  • Are you familiar with the dangers of a Brazilian Butt Lift, such as fat embolisms?

Your general health, as well as any existing medical illnesses or risk factors, will be assessed by your healthcare professional. Any allergies you may have should be discussed with your healthcare professional. You should let them know whether you take any prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications, including herbal supplements.

Your medical professional will evaluate the following areas to decide where the optimum location(s) for the liposuction-based fat harvesting procedure would be:

  • The lower back.
  • Hips.
  • Lower legs.
  • External thighs.
  • The region between your sacrum, rectum, and tailbone (presacral triangle).


What Happens During The Brazilian Butt Lift Operation??

A Brazilian Butt Lift has three fundamental steps:

  1. Fat from the abdomen, thighs, hips, lower back, and/or other areas is removed via liposuction.
  2. The removed fat has been cleansed and is ready to be sent.
  3. The cosmetic surgeon injects fat at specific spots on the buttocks to increase volume and improve contour.

General anesthesia, intravenous sedation, and local anesthetic are frequently used during outpatient surgery. In order to ensure that your final results closely match your goals, a skilled cosmetic surgeon will take this into account and may first inject a small amount more fat into the buttocks than is necessary. Some of the fat that is injected frequently fails to “take” in its new location.


What Results After The Brazilian Butt Lift Operation?

  • Your healthcare professional will wrap the damaged areas with a compression band after the Brazilian butt lift surgery to lessen bleeding.
  • Your anesthesiologist will stop administering anesthetic to your body to maintain your unconsciousness if you are under general anesthesia.
  • You’ll be brought to a recovery room where medical staff members will wait for you to awaken and monitor your overall health.
  • Upon awakening, you can feel confused and your injured parts might be painful. Your medical specialists will monitor your general health for up to several hours. When they decide you don’t need to be monitored any longer, they’ll release you (let you go home). After your Brazilian butt lift operation, you must have a family member or friend drive you home and take care of you for at least the first 24 hours.
  • Your body may not entirely heal from your Brazilian Butt Lift treatment for up to six months. You might need to follow a high-protein diet throughout this period to speed up your recovery. This will enable you to keep up your new physique. Exercises for the lower body that target your butt, such as leg lifts, lunges, and squats, may also be necessary.
  • Your soreness should lessen after one to two weeks. Around the areas where liposuction was performed, you might need to wear a compression garment. You might occasionally require a temporary drain in the incision to drain extra blood or fluid.
  • For at least two weeks, you won’t be able to sit or lay on your butt. In order to sleep on your stomach or your sides, you must stand rather than sit.
  • Between two and three months following your Brazilian Butt Lift treatment, your body should have totally recovered.
  • It’s crucial to keep in mind that every person’s body is different, thus recuperation timeframes may vary. Throughout your recuperation, manage your pain and discomfort according to the advice of your healthcare professional.
  • Results from a Brazilian Butt Lift should last for many years. Liposuction will not cause the fat cells to reappear in the area, and fat cells that survive transfer to the buttocks will stay there for many years. Maintain a consistent weight, though, to keep your results looking their best, since substantial weight changes might have an impact on them.
  • Within six months of surgery, once any remaining edema has subsided and you have recovered completely, the results are usually final. By this period, your lower body proportions and curvier buttocks will be apparent from the way you look and how clothing fits.


When Should I Schedule A Visit With My Doctor??

  • Set up frequent follow-up visits with your healthcare professional.
  • Your healthcare professional will remove your stitches and inspect your incisions after one to two weeks. Your healthcare professional will also assess how well your body is recovering during this time and decide if you are well enough to sit for brief periods of time on a customized pillow.
  • After your Brazilian Butt Lift treatment, you should follow up with your doctor four to six weeks and three months later to assess your development. Your healthcare professional should be able to assess how well your body has recovered from the treatment after three months.

brazilian butt lift recovery

Side Effects Of The Brazilian Butt Lift In Turkey??

Comparing a Brazilian Butt Lift to other procedures, such silicone buttock implants, may result in lower risks. However, like with any surgical procedure, this method carries the risk of side effects, some of which are very serious. These consist of:

  • Due to a serious infection that can leave a lethal fat embolism in the heart or lungs, there may be infection scarring, discomfort, lumps under the skin, and skin loss in the treated areas.
  • According to recent reports, Brazilian Butt Lifts cause 1 in 3000 fatalities. Inadvertent injection of fat has been known to travel to the lungs after entering the big veins in the buttocks. As a result, there is respiratory difficulty and eventual death.
  • The failure of your buttocks to absorb the transplanted fat storage is another well-known negative effect. The body absorbs some of the fat that is injected after it has been broken down. You might occasionally require an extra one or two procedures.


Short Facts:

  • Buttock size and shape are influenced by genetics.
  • Liposuction is used to remove fat from various places of the body. Before being applied to the buttocks, the fat is cleansed.
  • After roughly 8 weeks, patients can resume normal exercise.


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