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Gastric Balloon in Turkey Ensures 100% Successful Results

gastric balloon in turkey


This article, Gastric Balloon in Turkey, seeks to inform you of everything you need to know about gastric balloons in Turkey. We provided you with the major headings;

Why Do People Pick Turkey for Gastric Balloon Surgery?

Because a gastric balloon operation is typically not covered by health insurance and is therefore an expensive option, many patients opt to receive treatment abroad, where the cost is significantly less. Another option that overweight patients in Turkey frequently choose is the gastric balloon. Do not decide to have gastric balloon surgery in Turkey even if someone close to you has already done so before you have done extensive study and gathered data on the costs, advantages, and risks of the procedure. You should also be aware of your eligibility for the process. Therefore, let’s begin.

gastric balloon in turkey

Why Is The Gastric Balloon Procedure Inexpensive In Turkey?

Turkey offers gastric balloons at much lower costs than other countries around the globe, such as the UK or North America. In the part after, you can see the price disparity.

The Manchester Evening News reports that in 2018, the value of medical travel to Turkey was expected to be around £1.8 billion. Additionally, according to 2020 data, Turkey is the second-most popular destination in Europe for all kinds of cosmetic surgery.

But why are procedures in Turkey so affordable given the level of skill of Turkish doctors and the high caliber of medical services? These lower prices can be justified by contrasting Turkey’s average salary and cost of living with those in the United States or the majority of Europe. Therefore, the cause is solely commercial. However, there are a few crucial things you might need to know.

In Turkey, where is the gastric balloon used?

The four most well-liked locations in Turkey for medical tourism are Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya. You can find bariatric surgeons, reputable medical facilities, and standard hospitals and clinics in each of these locations.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey After Getting a Gastric Balloon?

It takes no longer than 30 minutes to place a gastric balloon endoscopically or orally. It is preferable to arrive two to three days prior to the operation. Additionally, it is advised that you remain for 2 to 3 days for recovery after finishing the procedure so that your obesity doctor can examine you several times before safely sending you home. Your entire trip will therefore require about a week. You can start working again right away after returning because the process is so straightforward.

The schedule for the gastric balloon operation in Turkey is as follows:

Day 1: Arrival; transportation to your accommodation is provided.

Day 2: A number of procedures will be performed on you at the clinic.

Day 3: Is a practice day.

Day 4: Relax and enjoy your time in Turkey.

Day 5: Your doctor will check you out

Day 6: You will be given a diet and workout schedule

Day 7: You’re prepared to return home!

gastric balloon schedule

How to Pick the Top Turkish Gastric Balloon Surgeon?

The treatment with a stomach balloon can be done by a gastroenterologist or bariatric surgeon. Treatment for obese and overweight patients is primarily aimed at helping them conquer their obesity-related obstacles and live healthier, happier lives. Typically, they collaborate with a group of medical professionals, including nutritionists, experts in weight reduction, etc.

It is preferable to speak with others who have gone through the same thing. But that’s insufficient. Visit the surgeon’s website, check out their testimonials, and keep up with them on social media to learn how many operations they conduct daily.

The surgeon’s skill is demonstrated by the amount of operations. A useful guide introducing the top gastric balloon doctors in Turkey can be found here.

What Is the Turkish Gastric Balloon Success Rate?

Given that the balloon is a simple and safe procedure, when we discuss its success, we want to know how much excess weight was lost as a result of it and whether or not it was sustainable—that is, whether the patient won’t put on weight again—or not.

The positive news is that Turkey’s success rate for the gastric balloon is comparable to the world average. You should anticipate losing about 2-3 kg of extra weight in the first week if you’re a woman who wants to receive this therapy in Turkey. Usually, the first week results in men losing 4 to 7 kg.

However, when you have a bladder in your body, you typically drop 7–15% of your excess body weight.

You should be aware that gastric balloon efficacy cannot be compared to that of other bariatric procedures. If you cease exercising and begin eating poorly after the balloon has left your body, you will undoubtedly put on weight. You’re not prepared for it if you haven’t made up your mind to adopt a new, wholesome lifestyle.

How Do Balloons Get Used?

Endoscopically, the balloon is introduced into the stomach. It takes 20 to 25 minutes to complete this process. To make sure you don’t have a medical condition that could impede balloon placement, a diagnostic endoscopy is performed firs, (such as an ulcer). A soft, deflated balloon made of silicone elastomer is applied to the belly if no anomalies are seen. The operation is finished after the balloon has been positioned in your abdomen and has been filled with blue fluid using an inflation tube (catheter) attached to the balloon. In the stomach, the balloon starts to move unrestrainedly.

The patient wakes up instantly following the procedure and is discharged from the hospital after a two-hour observation period in the ward. The procedure is carried out under sedation to guarantee patient comfort.

Who Is Entitled to Place a Gastric Balloon?

The use of gastric balloons is another way to supplement diet-based weight reduction. The appropriate gastric balloon placement is only available to obese people with a body mass index higher than 25 kg/m2, a history of unsuccessful weight loss efforts with diet and exercise, lost desire to lose weight, or who have not chosen surgery. Additionally, those who are deemed to be too obese to endure major surgery may find great benefit from this procedure. Before undergoing major surgery, using balloons to drop weight can help lower the risks associated with the procedure.

How Does a Gastric Balloon Burst Happen?

The gastric balloon does not rupture, but punctures can happen if the stomach’s acidity is extremely elevated. This problem is incredibly uncommon, though. Everyone can imagine a variety of bad situations, such as a gastric bubble or balloon bursting. Since balloons are a “explosive product,” a “explosion” is already conceivable. Gastric balloons, however, are not referred to as balloons because of their structure but rather because of their resemblance in form. As a result, none of the balloons popped, which is obviously impossible. When gastric balloons are manufactured, they are also made explosion and acid resistant. The silicone-based gastric balloon has just one aperture and is impervious to rupture.

Gastric Balloon Risks:

Less than 0.1% of people who undergo a gastric balloon treatment will die. With advancing technology and more experience, we have improved the quality of the equipment we use in our operations, which has led to this percentage decrease. Currently, less than four cases per 10,000 fatalities are thought to be at danger from balloon application. This number is 0.22 percent in gastric surgery for obesity. When the balloon is inserted, it is possible—though extremely unlikely—for the esophagus and stomach to hemorrhage and become punctured. Initial symptoms could include abdominal pain, nausea, and/or vomiting. Such situations are treated with drugs administered orally or intravenously, and the patient gradually gets used to the balloon.

Once more, in the first few weeks, weakness can result from fatigue caused by a decrease in daily fluid consumption. When the balloon deflates, it can infiltrate the intestine and result in an obstruction that needs to be surgically removed.

What Are Gastric Balloon Risks In Turkey?

The use of gastric balloons in overweight or obese individuals is safe everywhere. Complications are very rare and simple to treat. In the first two or three days following balloon implantation, nausea, vomiting, and cramping are possible side effects. To stop these complications, some drugs are given before hospital discharge. After the first couple of days, these effects go away.

Bursting balloons do not pose the same threat as the name suggests. In actuality, the bubble didn’t break; however, the balloon’s liquid may leak. When the balloon is inflated with methylene blue, leaks and releases are readily detected by the blue color of the urine. Contact your doctor right away if you see any of these discolorations so that the balloon can be endoscopically inspected and, if required, removed.

A gastric balloon might rupture.

Numerous bad situations, including gastric balloons that explode and burst, immediately spring to mind. Now that balloons are deemed a “explosive product,” the “possibility of exploding” must also be taken into account. However, it’s not because of the structure of the balloons that gastric balloons are referred to as balloons; rather, it’s because of their similar form. Naturally, no gastric balloons ruptured as a result. Additionally, it is made to be acid and explosion proof for the production of gastric balloons. Gastric silicone balloons can only be punctured; they never burst. It makes sense to conceive of a balloon rupture as puncturing a gastric balloon for this reason.

Is Turkey A Safe Place To Get A Gastric Balloon?

The easiest procedure for treating obesity is gastric balloon surgery. Even though the procedure is straightforward, it must be performed carefully to protect the patient’s health. The quality of the facility, the surgeon’s training, and the materials used in the procedure all have an impact on the outcome of the procedure. The most dependable option for you in this respect is gastric balloon surgery in Turkey. Turkey is the ideal destination for you if you’re searching for a cheap, secure, and comfortable nation. This nation has a long history of stomach bladder achievements. You can browse the reviews left by patients who had this procedure in Turkey online.

You can safely conduct the surgery and travel back to your home country in good health within a few days. It was obviously the correct choice to conduct this operation in Turkey for that reason.

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What Are The Intragastric Balloon Types?

Intragastric Balloon Types

  1. Allurion Gastric Balloon:

A pill capsule containing the Allurion gastric balloon can be taken orally without the need for anesthetic or an endoscopy. The balloon enlarges in the gut after consumption. The outpatient procedure takes 15 minutes to perform.

The Allurion balloon is non-permanent and secure. Patients engage in a lifestyle-focused program for roughly six months following the operation. Within 12 to 16 weeks, a person’s body weight can typically be decreased by 25%. The blimp then breaks down and leaves the body on its own.

  1. Ellipse Balloon:

Unlike other gastric balloons, the Ellipse gastric balloon can be ingested and does not require endoscopy or anesthesia for insertion or removal. It is also constructed from better-quality components.

The usual time that the Ellipse gastric balloon spends in the stomach is 4 months. The balloon then empties in no more than ten days after the valve at the tip of the balloon opens. Through a thin membrane, the deflated balloon is then freely released from the body.

  1. Orbera 365 Balloon:

A soft silicone product called the Orbera gastric balloon covers the stomach, decreasing its capacity and making tiny portions fill you up faster, which can quicken weight reduction. Studies have shown that compared to nutrition and exercise alone, using this balloon can help you lose three times as much weight.

Without making any incisions, the balloon is inserted through the mouth and put in the belly. For six months, it remains in the gut, helping to regulate portions and enabling smaller meals. A specialized crew will take the balloon out of the stomach after six months.

  1. Spatz 3 Balloon:

To get around the drawbacks of other gastric balloons, the Spatz gastric inflatable was created. Balloons typically begin to lose their efficacy after 4 months on average. The Spatz gastric balloon is made to expand in volume, prolonging the time during which weight reduction is at its maximum.

Due to its flexible construction, intolerance can be reduced by reducing the balloon volume. This gastric balloon can cause a 30% crease in overall body weight.

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