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100% Successful Stomach Botox in Turkey

stomach Botox in Turkey


What is Stomach Botox in Turkey?

Recently, Stomach Botox in Turkey has become known as one of the operations that addresses the obesity issue.

Stomach Botox injections is a process in which the stomach wall is injected from the inside with Botox, which, since it relaxes the face muscles, is known to be used to alleviate migraines and smooth out facial wrinkles.

Similar to how Stomach Botox works on the face muscle, it relaxes the smooth muscles and motor nerves of the stomach wall for a period of time that can last up to six months. This reduces appetite, lengthens the feeling of satiety, and leads to a reduction in the amount of food consumed, which aids in the weight loss of obese patients.

A Stomach Botox injection is a completely painless procedure carried out by endoscope through the mouth. Because it is not performed under general anesthesia, unlike other procedures for treating obesity, it is not regarded as a surgical operation, making it completely safe.

One of the non-surgical options for treating obesity is Stomach Botox, which is administered endoscopically to specific points on the stomach of patients with a BMI of 25 to 35 who are unable to lose weight despite their best efforts.

Stomach Botox is a non-surgical way of treating obesity that is given endoscopically seeks to momentarily neutralize the nerves and muscles of the stomach that are responsible for appetite and hunger. It has been used for 10–15 years worldwide.

Many people wake up in the morning with terrible breath. This happens frequently. It results from bacterial activity and mouth dryness over the night, and it goes away when saliva production increases in the mouth after breakfast.

Following the application, which lasts for an average of 15-20 minutes, the stomach’s nerves and muscles, which are responsible for controlling hunger and appetite, become inactive for 4-6 months. As a result, the stomach’s ability to empty itself is delayed. lengthens, becomes more satiated with less meals, and sheds pounds.

Foods high in carbohydrates usually leave the stomach in 2-4 hours, however after receiving stomach botox, this time can increase to 12 hours. It has effectiveness in lowering a person’s appetite and extending the period of satiety since it is also applied to the areas of the stomach that emit hunger hormone. Applying Botox can help you lose 40% of your extra weight and get to your target weight in 6 to 8 months.

stomach Botox procedure

How to Use “Stomach Botox Procedure” a Non-Surgical Treatment for Obesity:

Endoscopy, also known as gastroscopy, is used to administer Botox injections because it provides a detailed inside view of the stomach. As a result, the patient’s discomfort is only as great as the “gastroscopy” application.

Botox is injected endoscopically, thus there is no need for any surgical preparation. Drugs that provide “sedation” are administered to the patient to help them unwind before the tubular endoscopic equipment with a camera on the end is sent to the stomach by mouth.

The stomach is seen after the gadget has reached there, and the application regions are then injected with Botox. The patient is awakened following the application, which takes an average of 15-20 minutes, and is then released from the hospital after 1-2 hours.

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Top Stomach Questions and Answers :

  1. Is it possible to treat obesity non-surgically?

Yes. While the sensation of hunger declines following the Stomach Botox procedure applied to the stomach without surgical intervention, the sensation of satiety lasts for a prolonged period of time. Weight loss is achieved with the appropriate diet and exercises.

  1. How is Body Mass Index calculated?

To determine whether a person is obese, the Body Mass Index method is employed globally. To determine the outcome, divide the subject’s weight (in kilograms) by the square of their height. (m2).

  1. Who can have Stomach Botox?

It is used on patients who have a BMI between 25 and 35 and are not obese enough to undergo obesity surgery but are unable to lose weight despite their best efforts.

Obesity surgery is recommended for those with a BMI above 35

  1. Will Stomach Botox help you lose weight?

In order to achieve the desired weight loss with Stomach Botox, it is necessary to have a personalized diet.

  1. How is Stomach Botox applied?

Stomach Botox, which is a non-surgical procedure, is performed with an endoxopic method and takes about 20 minutes. The patient can exit the hospital by walking 1-2 hours after the operation.

  1. How to lose weight with Stomach Botox?

Botox applications have been used in many areas such as facial wrinkles, eye diseases, neurological diseases for many years. Patients who have struggled with weight for roughly 10 years may also receive Stomach-related Botox treatments. The nerves and muscles that control the stomach’s appetite and hunger are momentarily neutralized when given as an injection into the stomach.

There are no serious side effects when done by a specialist doctor. After the procedure, side effects such as nausea, indigestion and bloating may rarely be seen, but these are temporary. It should not be applied to people who are allergic to Botox.

  1. When does Stomach Botox start to work? How much is required?

Three days following the operation, there is a noticeable decrease in appetite and hunger. After a week, it reaches its peak. With a customized diet, the patient’s appetite diminishes and weight loss starts. Its impact lasts 4 – 6 months. At the conclusion of this period, Botox is erased from the body.

  1. How much weight is dropped with Stomach Botox?

With stomach Botox and the right diet, it is intended to reduce total weight by an average of 10 to 15%. Age, gender, metabolic rate, and physical exercise can all affect these rates.

  1. Can those with stomach problems such as gastritis and ulcers have stomach Botox?

Before getting stomach Botox, people with stomach issues like gastritis and ulcers should get treated.

  1. Who is not eligible for Stomach Botox?

Although there is no upper age limit for doing gastric botox surgery, it is preferred that the patients be older than 18.

In addition, patients with a body mass index of 35 or above, women who are pregnant or nursing, those who have genetic illnesses, and obese patients who have undergone surgery are not eligible for this procedure.

The medicine “Botulinum toxin” travels from the mother to the infant through the breast milk or womb with the veins of stomach walls, which is why it shouldn’t be used by those who are pregnant or nursing.

It is not regarded as appropriate because it involves a newborn and has an impact on that child. Additionally, because the stomach’s smooth muscles are damaged by this procedure, the neurological or digestive systems are unaffected.

Negative consequences, however, could occur in people with myopathy or allergies to the Botox procedure. Therefore, gastric Botox surgery is not performed on people who have issues like these.

stomach Botox questions and answers

Stomach Botox Benefits:

  • Patients whose body mass falls between 28 and 40 are recommended for Stomach Botox. This indicates that those who are overweight or mildly obese can benefit from stomach Botox.
  • Non-surgical treatment since there are no incisions or sutures involved, dressings are not necessary.
  • An instant return to daily activities.
  • A quicker and more comfortable recovery period than with other weight-loss procedures.

Stomach Botox Side Effects :

Side effects of Stomach Botox injections have not yet been severe due to how straightforward and easy the process is. There is no chance of a lasting issue because the surgical components totally exit the body in 4 to 6 months.

Because the movement of the stomach muscles is restricted after surgery, a specialized and adapted nutrition program is crucial to prevent failure of the procedure and weight gain.

Stomach Botox does have certain negative effects, such as discomfort and swelling where the injection was made, nausea, and indigestion, therefore someone thinking about getting it should avoid having it done if they have any type of muscular illness or a Botox allergy. Additionally, the tests that will be run will demonstrate whether the procedure is appropriate.

Effect of a Stomach Botox Injection on Digestion:

The primary result of Stomach Botox is a slowing of stomach movement; it can take up to 10–12 hours for food to pass from the stomach to the intestine. In addition, the person experiences a protracted feeling of being full.

Stomach Botox Injection Risks:

The following unusual risks are associated with Stomach Botox:

  • Bleeding: In general, problems from gastric Botox are not frequently observed. Any injection given to the stomach may result in bleeding, despite the fact that this is not a serious risk.
  • Allergy: One of the uncommon side effects of gastric Botox is allergy.
  • Constipation: Following gastric Botox operations, some patients report experiencing constipation. With some stool softeners, this issue is simply resolved.

Complications of Stomach Botox Injection:

Compared to other weight-loss operations, this procedure is considered relatively safe, and the complications that may result from gastric Botox injections are very simple in relation to other procedures.

stomach Botox steps

Stomach Botox Procedure:

Getting Ready for an Endoscopic Gastric Injection of Botulinum Toxin:

Prior to the procedure, adhere to your doctor’s recommendations; including:

  • Avoiding food and liquids for a particular amount of time prior to the treatment.
  • Modifying your drug regimen, the day(s) prior to the procedure, either in terms of dosage or time.

What transpires after a botulinum toxin injection into the stomach?

The injections take around 10 minutes to administer, and the operation is done in an endoscopic facility.

When administering the stomach botulinum toxin injections, the doctor may:

  • Give you sedatives to put you to sleep.
  • Places an endoscope with a syringe within it in your mouth, down your throat, and into your stomach. The doctor can see where to administer the injections thanks to the endoscope, a flexible tube containing a light and a camera.
  • Several locations around the stomach’s bottom are injected with botulinum toxin.

Recovery from Stomach Botox injections with Botulinum Toxin:

You are free to return home once the sedative wears off. You’ll need a driver because you might still be sleepy. You should start to realize you are less hungry, feel full when you eat, and can feel content with less food a week to ten days following the surgery.

What is Botox for Bimodal Stomach? How does it differ from Stomach Botox?

With the assistance of the anesthetic staff, the endoscopically applied Bimodal Stomach Botox procedure is applied in 15 minutes while you sleep, and you resume your regular activities the following day. Hospitalization, sutures, or medical dressing are not necessary. It is intended for you to lose weight with the help of a nutrition coach in a simple and healthy method.

Not feeling full and having trouble controlling your appetite are barriers to weight loss. Bimodal Stomach Botox helps you feel fuller more quickly and control your uncontrollable appetite.

With this non-surgical weight loss program, Booking Medicals hopes assist you in losing the weight you are unable to lose, safeguard you from the potential risks of surgery, and avoid the need for hospitalization.

Success in the non-surgical weight loss technique requires both teamwork and your willingness. We are aware that in the modern world, no technique—not even surgical ones—will work unless you are committed to losing weight. The process will be appropriate for you if you feel prepared this time and believe that, with professional assistance, you can get through it.

What differs between Gastric Balloon and Bimodal Gastric Botox?

The Bimodal Gastric Botox technique and the Gastric Balloon procedure are both endoscopic procedures that last around 15 minutes each. The goal of the gastric balloon technique is to reduce the amount of stomach space available for food. By filling the stomach to the point where the patient feels full, this surgery helps the patient eat less and feel satisfied.

Because the balloon is filled with the blue liquid known as methylene blue, if there is a leak, the urine will become blue and the person will become aware of the issue. There are 3-6 month and 12-month versions of this balloon. In the first week, it may result in severe abdominal pain, nauseousness, and vomiting. It could be necessary to deflate the balloon if these symptoms don’t stop in a week. If there is no issue, the balloon is left in the stomach the entire time as the person tries to cut back on their caloric intake. When the balloon’s expiration time has passed, it will be removed endoscopically.

Rarely experienced for 3–4 days after the Bimodal Stomach Botox surgery include abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Botox causes extended fullness and lack of appetite without taking up any space in the stomach. It simply affects the muscles in the stomach and the hormones that control hunger. The effects of Botox will disappear on their own in 4 to 6 months. There is no method for taking the Botox out.

successful stomach Botox

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